NEWREST custom stand design at WTCE in Hamburg

R2 Stand & Event, a stand designer specialising in space design, designed and produced a customised stand for the NEWREST brand for the WTCE trade fair.

NEWREST, a specialist in out-of-home catering, is one of the world leaders in multi-sector catering. By participating in this exhibition, the exhibitor aims to present its expertise in order to develop its customer portfolio.

Through a dynamic architecture, R2 Stand & Event emphasises visibility from a great distance, both on the ground and above. Through the arrangement of two high, rounded and backlit signs, the stand is visible at every point of entry to the hall.

In the foreground, numerous displays showcase the brand's expertise. For optimal commercial efficiency, R2 Stand & Event has positioned a large volume of lettering, bringing a touch of modernity that catches the eye of visitors.

With a surface area of 255 m², the stand extends over a tailor-made catering area, immersing participants in a brand experience, facilitating convivial exchanges.

In the background, a premium discussion area is set up for more qualitative exchanges and total visitor loyalty.

This exhibition took place in April 2019 at the Hamburg Exhibition Centre in Germany.

R2 Stand & Event would like to thank NEWREST for its trust!