Realization of a receptive stand for NGE at the SMCL exhibition

R2 Stand & Event, a specialist in the design and creation of your custom-made structures, is once again supporting the NGE brand at the SALON DES MAIRES ET DES COLLECTIVITÉS LOCALES (SMCL).

NGE, a new generation of building and public works contractors, builds and renovates infrastructures to serve territories and communities. The objective of this event is to facilitate its commercial prospection.

This 90 m² stand captures the attention of visitors with its large communication surfaces based on an emblematic white and blue bichromy, facilitating the diffusion of key messages. In height, a large sign covers, dresses and illuminates the stand while allowing a strong visibility at a great distance.

Within the stand, 4 levels of reception are offered. First, a premium design reception desk is strategically positioned in front of the main aisles to provide a warm welcome to visitors. On the second level, an elaborate reception area harmonizes the stand, opening onto networking hubs, facilitating commercial exchanges.

The discussion area extends to the back of the stand, in the form of a bar, allowing convivial exchanges and creating a source of traffic. For more confidential exchanges, a meeting room in the form of a small lounge is arranged.

This exhibition took place from 22 to 24 November 2022 at the Parc des Expositions - Porte de Versailles.

R2 Stand & Event thanks NGE for its renewed confidence!